My name is Clarice, but most people, call me ReCe. I'm a happily married USAF spouse, mother to 3 girls, and an older sister to many....Here is my blog and here are some of my candy filled thoughts, lol

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Been Busy...

but feeling really great! WW is going well. I've been losing 3lbs each week. Because I threw exercise in the routine, I did stall for a few days, but once my body realized I wasn't trying to kill it, the weight starting dropping back off again. I'm really loving it so far! Let's see how it continues to go! Thank you for all the support I've been getting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

1st Week - WW 3lbs lost

I'm SUPER EXCITED to have lost weight while on my monthly cycle! 

Not sure what's up with this losing 3lbs here & there, but I'll take it, lol. Following the points have been good for me....Anxious to see how this is going to turn out...

Currently, I'm a 28 point a day program, and some days I don't get to 28, and other days, (sometimes by miscalculation) I go over...But not over in the sense that I don't stay on the plan, because I also get an extra 35 points for the week which helps for some of those miscalculations!

It still takes control, but I'm glad some of the deprivation is cut out. I love still being able to enjoy the foods I love & go out to a restaurant with my friends & family without having to order just salad....  Although salad is still a good thing and I do eat lots of it!

I also, love, love, love walking almost every day with my good friend, Toya. It's therapeutic & reminds me about how exciting sisterhood among friends can be. 

Will update you guys again in a week!