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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog Challenge: Team 2

"The Best Gourmet Dish kids!"

These girls were so excited to be in the kitchen battling against their older sister and uncle. They couldn't wait to show them that their meal could be just as awesome without using the stove. 

One thing I noticed is that, it'll be helpful to have another photographer while supervising these adventures, because some of the good things are missed while I'm trying to help them out. It's hard to hold the camera and guide them along at the same time. So next time, I'll have the opposite team on camera duty. 

Today we're bringing you breakfast!

I really wish I would have videoed  how Kayla cracked the eggs. It brought back memories of how you have to have a steady hand to crack an egg. Kayla just slammed hers right on the edge of the bowl, splattering it everywhere....not only once, but twice!  

Danielle then took an egg and said, "See Kayla, you got to take it easy," and did a pretty good job for a rookie. She cracked the egg and spilled a little bit of the egg on the side, but they both got points for trying without frustration!

  After wiping up the spilled eggs and having fun with the seasonings, the next thing we wanted to do was add diced tomatoes and shredded cheese. 

It took a bit of strength for them to be able to use the can opener, but they did it, and were all smiles. We used the can of diced tomatoes to eliminate using a knife, to make it more kid friendly. Although, if you know my Kayla, the manual can opener can still be a little dangerous, but she succeeded opening it and removing the lid with careful fingers. Mind you, I handed her a fork to lift it up, but she shook her head and said, "I don't need that."  

Ooops! Silly me, of course not Kayla. 

I am so loving the Ziploc Zip' n Steam bags! I have a few readers who dislike using the microwave for anything and I can just imagine hearing Chef Robert Irvine screaming, "The MICROWAVE?! That's not fresh food! That's not the best!" 

LOL, for the kiddies though, I hope even Chef Robert Irvine can turn a blind eye to how the microwave can be a good thing! Especially for this team, who was getting more excited by the minute, as their quickie dish was forming right before their eyes. 

We mixed the eggs first in the bowl, before pouring in the Ziploc bag. As an alternative, you can pour the ingredients straight into the bag and either press on the closed bag with your fingers to break up the yolks, or gently shake the bag. 

The eggs were placed in the microwave for 2  1/2 minutes and then Kayla popped Eggo waffles in the toaster. We like Buttermilk Eggos!  As soon as the waffles popped up, Danielle was on the ball, with buttering the waffles with a butter knife. 

I purchased a mixed fruit cup for this breakfast event, although I could have cut the fruit myself, I wanted the children to have very minimal help from me. This way, they literally could say they prepared this meal, 99% on their own. 

I did forgot the vanilla yogurt to layer the parfait with, so we used whip cream to put in between the layers of fruit, but no one was complaining! 

Team 2 was very happy that they were able to pull off such an appetizing breakfast. The eggs were not rubbery or what you would expect out of the microwave. They were soft, cheesy, and the flavors from the Pico de Gallo diced tomatoes were still vibrant. Yum! Congrats Team Two for a job well done! 

Up next Team One - Super Bowl battle Royale, they're picking up the pace! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog Challenge: The Basics

"The Best Gourmet Dish kids!"

Team 1 - Calvin and Corra had their turn at bat last night. Never having chopped an onion a day in his life, this was a seemingly easy challenge for Calvin...until the tears came, lol.  

Tonight's challenge: Hamburger helper revved up with fresh onions and sweet peppers. 

I didn't post the watery red eyes, but did give him a trick my husband gave me awhile ago, which was to run the onions in cold water. 
From about why onions make you cry: Enzymes that were kept separate now are free to mix with the sulfenic acids to produce propanethiol S-oxide, a volatile sulfur compound that wafts upward toward your eyes. This gas reacts with the water in your tears to form sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid burns, stimulating your eyes to release more tears to wash the irritant away.

Calvin got points for dicing onions successfully and slicing the peppers with ease. He gave the onions and peppers to Corra to add to the pan. Cleaning the board and asking Corra if she needed help with anything else before moving to his next dish, which was the salad.

Corra took to the stovetop to brown the ground turkey and had no problem mashing up the meat while keeping the temperature at a medium high heat. 

Corra got points for using a heavy skillet to help stabilize the heat, waiting until the skillet was hot, before adding the meat, and making sure she didn't crowd the pan so that the heat could circulate freely throughout the pan. 

There was a mishap with the salad!

Calvin was tossing iceberg lettuce in a bowl and went to use the Garlic Salt grinder/shaker, but instead of twisting the top to grind the salt out, he opened the top, and out flew the majority of the Garlic Salt. 

He didn't let it stop him though, he grabbed the broom, swept up the mess, and kept moving. I shook off the excess salt for him, but then he drizzled with a little bit of olive oil, pepper, and tossed the salad with tongs to evenly coat the lettuce. 

Summary of event: Things started to heat up in the kitchen, literally, as Corra prepared the food in the pan, the food started to stick to the pot, with a little bit of water, she was able to continue cooking without remorse. 

Teamwork picture of the day:

Up next: Team Two, Kayla & Danielle 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cooking down the days 'til our Airman gets back...

Well, in an effort to teach my brother some ways around the kitchen and to get my girls involved in a family project, we (mainly me) came up with the idea to cook the:

 "The Best Gourmet Dish kids!"

I know my 16 year old brother is probably clutching his heart at being called a kid, but 'by minors' didn't sound as appealing.

Points will be awarded for team collaboration, presentation, and of course...Taste!  

Okay, what's so exciting about this cooking challenge you may ask?

It'll give them an opportunity to really work together and it'll be even more awesome to have my husband follow along while he's away.

I'll show the good...and the bad...If it's charred, it'll be posted and if it turns out wonderfully, then I'll post it.

Wish us luck and hopefully by the time our favorite guy gets back, we'll have a great feast prepared for him, that the youngins' prepared on their own.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Slow and steady wins what?

I have a few things that I'm doing and I'm trying to manage my time better. I was watching a program...maybe it was The Doctors, or Dr. Oz, or somebody, and there was a lady who mentioned taking a simplistic route to time management.

"Put fewer things on your,'To Do,' list."

I was flabbergasted! It didn't occur to me to reduce my mile long list of things to do. I always piled seven or eight things on there, but don't ask me how many of them I actually got done!     

So now I have three...yes three! And wouldn't you know it? I actually get some stuff done now. Hot damn! So I guess, slow and steady, really does win the race huh?

What are some of your time management tips and tricks?