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Friday, October 8, 2010

1st Week - WW 3lbs lost

I'm SUPER EXCITED to have lost weight while on my monthly cycle! 

Not sure what's up with this losing 3lbs here & there, but I'll take it, lol. Following the points have been good for me....Anxious to see how this is going to turn out...

Currently, I'm a 28 point a day program, and some days I don't get to 28, and other days, (sometimes by miscalculation) I go over...But not over in the sense that I don't stay on the plan, because I also get an extra 35 points for the week which helps for some of those miscalculations!

It still takes control, but I'm glad some of the deprivation is cut out. I love still being able to enjoy the foods I love & go out to a restaurant with my friends & family without having to order just salad....  Although salad is still a good thing and I do eat lots of it!

I also, love, love, love walking almost every day with my good friend, Toya. It's therapeutic & reminds me about how exciting sisterhood among friends can be. 

Will update you guys again in a week!