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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm here! I'm here! LOL

Sorry, I've been a busy bee. I didn't get a chance to complete 2 classes I had last semester, so I had to request an extension, and I'm trying to complete that homework.

Here's an important update: 

I stopped the HCG.

If anyone reading this blog still wants to try it out, by all means do it! My fellow military spouses are kicking a** on it, but I'm not successful due to not being able to abide by the strict guidelines. You do see results and fast if you stay on track! So please don't not try it because of me.

I'll still keep this blog up, because I'm still going to try and lose weight through another avenue.

I"m going to try Weight Watchers.

Also, one of my friends, is going to exercise with me, so hopefully I can get a buddy system going.

I'm kinda far away from the military spouses, and I see how well they are doing with HCG (it's awesome really!)..... I think having buddies with you and doing it together, in person, really helps out. They share recipes and cook for each other and hang out, it's sweet.

Thank you for alllll your support guys and for contacting me on Facebook! You guys rock. :D

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