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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 6 Dropped 3lbs...!

Here's a recap so far ...This pic was taken 9/18/2010....(I'll be adding random shots of me, to see if I can see the difference in myself.) Interestingly enough, I didn't realize how big I've gotten until I started taking more pictures.....So here we go...In this pick, there is no tucking in, my girl, Shantelle, caught me off guard...No time to suck it in!!! LOL

Thursday 9/16/2010 -   211lbs  (Yikes!)
Friday     9/17/2010 -   212lbs  (Double Yikes!)
Saturday 9/18/2010 -   213lbs  (Triple Yikes! No surprise there with the load days)
Sunday   9/19/2010 -   213lbs  (Steady as she goes)
Monday  9/20/2010 -  213lbs   (Still the same)
Tuesday 9/21/2010 -   210lbs   (Wow! Where did that come from?)

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