My name is Clarice, but most people, call me ReCe. I'm a happily married USAF spouse, mother to 3 girls, and an older sister to many....Here is my blog and here are some of my candy filled thoughts, lol

Friday, September 17, 2010

HCG Day 1

Yesterday was my load day and it was a great day. The hubby & I went to Red Lobster and even though I wanted to load up, I actually couldn't after I had the appetizer and cheddar biscuits...I fail! lol

But yesterday was an eye opener indeed. My weight is steady going up & I want to do what I can to bring it back down. I'm trying this because I've seen success with other military spouses. I've done a low cal diet before, but it was a continuous diet with no breaks in between unlike with this diet, so I'm doing Phase I for 3 weeks, and I'm anxious for the results. 

I'm also walking the girls to school to get my 20 minutes of exercise in and will increase it as I go through my diet phases.I've been taking pics with my hubby and I've noticed how his weight as decreased and mine has increased! So, here's is too starting anew and to hoping that as my 32nd birthday approaches, 32lbs will have moved on as well.

09/16/2010 - 211 lbs


  1. awesome blog! I can't wait to follow the results! I start a 6 week phase next friday! Prayers are with you! And you are the same age as me :) I was 32 in April!

  2. We should start a 30's something and loving it military spouse group! lol Thanks for the positive thoughts & I can't wait to see your progress. My birthday is in November, so I'm hoping I'll be a happy Sagittarius by then :D