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Monday, July 2, 2012 
Meat Free for 13 days....Almost 

Since finding out that animal protein is harder to digest in comparison of other foods (the kidneys too!), I've cut back drastically. I can honestly say, meat is not one of my biggest concerns, it's that darn, delicious, and delectable, sugar! That monkey on my back, Carb, is at it again! Ha-ha! So far it's been 13 days and it hasn't been all that bad without meat. I did have a few grilled shrimp yesterday, but other than that, I did not yearn for bacon like I thought I would, when my dear husband made it yesterday. Is there anything that you guys want to give up? Even if it's just a short experiment, like I'm doing. I'm not proclaiming to be anything, other than just trying to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

What would you like to give up?
It doesn't have to be a food.
Another think I'd like to give up is my fear of swimming! 

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