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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's Funny...and What's Not Funny....

I like Cookies....I like Cake....and once I know the WW point assigned too it..I make a decision about what I'm going to eat and what I'm not going to eat.....

So, here's what's not funny. No one knows what internal battles I may face picking up one cookie vs many....but when I pick up one friggin cookie, I don't want folks looking at me like I'm about to blow up 200lbs instantly from eating it.

I know some people feel that if a cookie is a trigger food, than don't even acknowledge it or eat it...But one of the reasons why I joined WW was because I wanted to learn what it actually did too me & my body other than, because it has sugar & fats, it's not good for you. Common sense eludes me when it comes to baked goods, lol, so NO, I didn't know or care that if I ate too many, it's going to stick to my thighs and sides....

Now, present day,  I do care. Now, I want to know how to include it in my life and not completely take it away. I was so upset, not too long ago, when a comment was made too me, when I grabbed a mini Kit Kat, "Alright, don't get right back to where you was." Then there was a, "I'm just kidding."

First of all, a joke (in my mind) is funny when everyone is laughing. Not just the person who makes the comical remarks. Watching Barney on How I Met Your Mother is funny. Watching my girls make fart jokes is funny (and stinky), but saying, "Don't get back to where you was." Is not funny too me.

I can't stand being watched for every move that I make, especially if I'm being watched for the sole reason for someone to find a flaw in me. I'll beat you to the punch. I have LOTS of FLAWS. I know there is a such thing as tough love, but I give myself enough of it, and the people who are supposed to be close to me should know it, but I guess they figure I need more.

So anyway, after the comment was made, all I said was, "Seriously? Yeah, that's what I'm going to do." and I just walked away. I can't imagine being watched for the rest of my life, just to see if I fail. How do you deal with that? Tell them to f** off? Or is showing them better than any word that you can say?

The trues answer will be, Forget what they say, think about how you feel, blah, blah, but my feelings get hurt too, damn.


  1. Good for you girl, you can do it, I know you can and if you want a cookie every now and then, that is your right for doing such a great job, I think when any women looses weight and has to go through the battle of loosing it, It makes them appreciate it more, cause you know as well as I know that it sure is easier to put the pounds off, then it is to take them off...

    -Rhonda from FB(for some reason my google account is not showing that)

  2. I think you are amazing and I know exactly how you feel!!! Hang in there lady!