My name is Clarice, but most people, call me ReCe. I'm a happily married USAF spouse, mother to 3 girls, and an older sister to many....Here is my blog and here are some of my candy filled thoughts, lol

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gotta love less back fat lol....

So as an ancient & wise turtle said one day, in a fairy tale story, Slow and steady wins the race...and as for me....I'm still going slow and steady!

Haven't updated much, but that doesn't mean I'm not still doing Weight Watchers! I am. Trying to get adjusted to the Points Plus program, so I yo-yo'd a bit, but still holding steady at 10lbs lost and 18 inches lost around my waist. Yay! Still going to the gym and exercising and loving life. *Happy Dance*


  1. very good, Clarice, I meant to ask you yesterday when I saw you how things were going!!