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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Organic Peach Pie & A Book!

 Organic Peach Pie 

I'm trying different ways of cooking and I'm really enjoying it! Using fresh and organic ingredients, not only makes my palate happy, but my family too! My neighbors have even become accustomed to walking into my home, sniffing around my dishes, and saying, "Mmm-hmmm, that smells great! Now what's in it? Black beans? Tofu? What's the catch?"


They tend to ask what's the catch, because in a previous blog, I made brownies that had black beans & bananas in it and I didn't disclose the ingredients until after they sung their praises of the treat. Recently, I made a Strawberry Pie, and waited to hear my neighbor's opinion, before letting her know that it was sugar-free to which she said, "Whaaaaaa.....?" 

Any-hoo..... I'm finishing up a book I won not too long ago called, The Last Supper Catering Company, by author, Michaelene McElroy. It's a story about B. Thankful Childe-Lucknow, who has the power to hear the voices of the departed. It only seemed right that I have a nice slice of Peach Pie & a cup of decaf coffee to go along with this haunting story! There's no 'shocking' ingredients, in this recipe, just sweet organic peaches and spices. Let me know a favorite book that you'd like to curl up with and what delicious drink or treat is on your night stand next to you? 

Organic Peach Pie & Crust Recipe 

First Up - The Buttery Crust 


1 Cup of Organic Pastry Flour
6 Tbsp of COLD Organic Salted Butter
6 Tbsp of COLD (brrrrr!) water 
and your hands, fork, or a potato masher 

Disclaimer: Because I didn't know how well this pie crust would turn out, I cheated a wee bit. I bought an organic pie crust for the bottom and then made this recipe for the top. It worked out so well, I'll use this crust for my next pie recipe. 

Combine the flour and butter in a bowl and crumble it up with your hands or mash them. 

<<<<<  It'll look a bit like this. 

Then add water a Tablespoon at a time, in order to get it to your desired consistency. The recipe on the back of the pastry flour bag said 3, but I needed 3 more Tablespoons. Be sure to add the water a Tablespoon at a time & if you add too much water, don't fret!!! Just add a little bit more flour. 

This makes a nice round ball. :) 

Place in a sandwich bag or saran wrap, in the fridge, until you're ready to roll it out. 

Peach Filling 
Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees. 

 I drained my peaches, so that it wouldn't make the pie crust bottom all soggy. I also squeezed a bit of lemon juice over the peaches so that they would not discolor while baking, but I guess people wouldn't care if I had brown peaches....OR WILL THEY?????? P.S. Be sure to get those lemon seeds out of the lemon before squeezing it all over the peaches. 

Then I brought in the BIG GUNS 

(Playing The Cupid Shuffle in the Kitchen while baking is awesome, but almost led me to pouring Cumin in my pie as opposed to Cinnamon!)

2-3 Cups of peaches 
(I used one bag of Organic Frozen Unsweetened Peach Slices)
1/2 Cup of Unbleached Flour
3/4 Cup of Organic Brown Sugar 
1/4 Cup of Organic Cane Sugar 
1 tsp of  Organic Vanilla
2 tsp of Cinnamon 
1 tsp of Nutmeg 
a dash of Ginger 
1 Organic egg (separate the egg and yolk) 
Some Organic Salted Butter to pat on top of the pie before placing the lattice crust on top. 

Note: If using fresh peaches (or any peaches really), you may want to add 1/4 cup more sugar, if the peaches are not in season and tend to be on the bitter side. If they are bitter, you can wait a couple of days, and place the peaches in a paper bag. That'll get it all nice, sweet and juicy. 

Let's get ready to CRACK AN EGG. ONE HAND. ALL DAY. IN THE KITCHEN. EGG WHITE. NO SHELL. (It's a Kevin Hart thing, I'm sorry)

Combine your dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl 

Add your drained peaches and egg yolk. Don't worry about this mix being dry and that you drained your peaches. It will still come out juicy. Them peaches got a lot of liquid in 'em!

 Pour it into your crust and cut slices of butter on top of your pie. Then top with strips of the pie crust that you made.  Brush the top of your pie with the egg white that you had leftover. It'll make the top all brown and pretty :) 

You can also place the crust on top, instead of cutting strips, but make sure you prick holes in the top, so that the steam can escape though the holes. 

My oven gets hot, pretty quick, so I tend to burn items in the oven when I follow the baking instructions given for certain things. Most recipes I've seen called for the pie to bake for 45 minutes. I already know, that I couldn't do that. I baked my pie in the oven for 25 minutes at 450 degrees and then let it sit in the oven for another 15 after I turned it off. 

Introducing.....the infamous Organic Peach Pie! 

Keep The Sun Shining In Your Heart...! 


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    1. Thanks and I did! What an inspirational blog! Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  2. ReCe, thanks so much for sharing the great peach pie recipe and for mentioning The Last Supper Catering Company. I've scheduled a tweet for tomorrow morning in your honor and pinned your post to my Pinterest Blog Board. Sweet!

    1. No, thank you for the book! I'm so glad I won your contest! It's a treat reading new books (especially when food is a subject in them!) and finding inspirational authors to befriend! I figure it's a win-win! :)

  3. favorite...BUT...I'm presently on a diet.
    Maybe it's time for me to stop dieting..then maybe not.
    Guess you know the peach pie will win in the end.

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    1. Don't let it win!!!!!! Just enjoy it from afar lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I followed yours as well.

  4. Mmm. I'm still struggling to find a gluten-free pastry that looks, feels and tastes like pastry.

    1. Sheila, What kind of pastry do you wish you can find gluten-free?