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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet Jett Chu....(Character Interview)

Interview with T.T.Y.L. Magazine (Talk To You Later) w/reporter Janey Dane

Janey: This is Jett Chu! He's here with us today to talk a little about his upcoming book with ReCee Jay and Lily! Tell our readers a little bit more about yourself! Like where did you go to school?

Jett: I graduated from Cooper University in New York, with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Little did I know, after enjoying a tuition free education from one of the most selective schools in the country, was that my free ride, in a sense was over. The Chemical Industry declined and my ideas of becoming the next Ge Hong or Fritz Haber were pretty much kaput when I tried to enter the workforce. 

Janey: (A few crickets chirp) Uh.... And what is chemical engineering exactly?

Jett: It's dealing with the transformation of raw materials and turning them into useful products such as oil, soaps and cosmetics.

Janey:  Oh...Okay! I get it now! You're like that one lady on YouTube that took salt and ice and gave herself third degree burns right?

Jett: (Blank stare) Uh, not exactly.

Janey: Moving right along! Your father is the famous John Chu! I've been to his restaurant so many times! After you failed at finding a job, did he take you under his wing and bring you into the food industry?

Jett: (Another blank stare and a pause) My family has been in the Korean food business for years and I would help him in his restaurant during my breaks from school. It was my father who introduced me to Mr. Larry Hortie who is the CEO of ZKD Food Industries. They recently developed a healthy food products line and Mr. Hortie needed interns to help Ms. ReCee promote it.

Janey: Ah! Chef ReCee! She's been in the news lately! Is is true that she had a baby and gave it to her sister to raise for her? Is she on drugs? Did she grow up in the 'hood'?

Jett: (Clears throat and gets up from chair). This interview is over Ms. Dane

Janey: Wait! Wait! I'm sorry! You know, I have to get the meat and potatoes to a story and you're kinda giving me light and fluffy biscuits.

Jett walks out the door.

Janey: I guess this interview is over. Hmmm.....who should I try and get next?


An excerpt from, A Fair Killer: 

He strained his neck to see if his girlfriend was back from putting the teddy bear  he'd just won for her, in her car, when he felt a quick prick in his neck. Instinctively, his hand reached up and he looked around for where it might have came from. He looked at the person he was just speaking to, with a curious look on his face. “Did you just…?” He shook as his head as his vision started to blur.

His attacker smiled sweetly at him, “Are you okay? You look kind of pale.”

Sam, the game booth host, turned around and glanced at him with concern. “Hey man, you okay? It’s pretty hot today. Do you need some water?” He bent down to fish a cold bottle of water from his cooler and handed it to him.

“Thanks Sam,” the man took a swig of his drink, set the bottle back down on the counter, but then started to choke. He staggered back near the set where the cooking demonstrations were about to start. Then slowly, painfully, he collapsed to the ground.

Sam hopped over the counter top, told his other patron to call for help, and ran to the man as the crowd that gathered for the cooking demonstration, closed in on him. He placed his fingers on the man’s neck and felt a faint pulse, but there was foam starting to come out the man’s mouth, when his eyes started to roll into the back of his head.

“Hey mommy, what is that man doing to him?” A voice from the crowd shouted in panic. Pretty soon, everyone started to shout. Sam looked around and ran away towards the security office, at the end of the parking lot.  

Chef ReCee Jay pushed through the crowd, saw the body lying on the ground, and glanced at her interns. “Oh no! Somebody get help!” She reached down to touch the man’s wrist, and didn’t feel a pulse. She attempted CPR, but it was too late.

Her intern, Jasmine, looked at her with her mouth opened, “Isn't this the cook from the booth next to us?" Without waiting for a reply, Jasmine huffed, "I didn’t sign up for this ReCee. This is the second body we’ve come across since I’ve been working with you guys and I am too damn fine to die. I quit!” Jasmine took off her chef jacket, that bared the Chef ReCee Jay and Friends logo on it, and tossed it to the ground.

Jett, the other intern, squinted his eyes to scan the crowd. “This can’t be another  accident ReCee.” ReCee nodded in silent agreement and stared as Jasmine ran away from the crime scene.

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